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Pranic Psychotherapy Workshop

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• This workshop is designed to understand Access Consciousness – informally called just ‘Access’. The aim of Access is “to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged”. Founded by Gary Douglas, it is widespread in 173 countries.

• Access helps you move away from a polarised way of thinking. It takes you away from the negative ‘Oh my god, why me??’ mentality that occurs when a problem strikes, to “Can I change it? How can I change it?”

• Changing your approach to life has the potential to change your entire life around.

• The Access Bars is an amazing healing modality that involves gently touching 32 points on the head. This releases anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. These points (aka bars) contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime.

• Working on the bars is said to “stimulate positive change in the brain, release physical and mental blocks stored in the body, and help facilitate greater ease in all different areas of life.”

• Are Access Bars safe for children? Absolutely! Because children have fewer limiting beliefs about what is and what is not possible, they can run the Bars with much greater effects and fewer limitations. Children may be in small bodies, but they are often willing to be larger and more potent than the adults around them.very year we invite our community, partners and end-users to come and meet us! It's the ideal event to get together and present new features, roadmap of future versions, achievements of the software, workshops, training sessions, etc.... This event is also an opportunity to showcase our partners' case studies, methodology or developments. Be there and see directly from the source the features of the new version!

Who is it for?

• This workshop is perfect for those who are eager to learn and impart healing to those around them. Some of the health benefits of Access Bars for the body and mind are:

• Greater mental clarity, motivation, and problem-solving capacity

• Significant increase in joy and happiness

• Improved manageability of depressive and anxious tendencies

• Decrease in interpersonal and interpersonal conflicts

• Deeper relaxation and non-interrupted sleep

What will you learn?

• Purpose and significance of bars

• A non-invasive energy healing modality

• How to balance and cleanse your client’s mental blocks

• How to help facilitate ease in your own and others lives 

• How to train children to be Bars practitioners

• Learn to use the healing modality not only for their own personal growth but also as a business opportunity

• Learn to develop the inner courage to kickstart a journey in entrepreneurship

Date & Time
June 16, 2022
10:00 AM 12:10 PM Asia/Kolkata

The Ochre Tree Delhi

C780 New Friends Colony
Ground Floor
New Delhi 110025
Delhi DL
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The Ochre Tree Delhi


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